Supporting Hot Steppers to Disney!

By Shirley Ludford On Friday 6th October 2017

Family Fun Run, Swindon
22nd October

We are planning for a trip to perform at Disneyland Europe - 29-30 August 2018 

Hot Steppers are a small dance group, but a very strong team. They have been going for 9years now and meet twice a week in our local church. The group started from a project set up by the church, when the funding run out Natasha Ina wanted to keep it going. so here they are 9 years later.

Natasha's aim is to take the children to perform in Disney Land Paris in August 2018, without help, not all the children will be able to go. They are a team so we want all the children to have this great opportunity. The children will get to take part in Disney parade,  a magical workshop led by Disney’s own cast members, and perform on the Disney stage.

Money raised from the family fun day will help towards the expenses to get these where they need to be and that's performing on that Disney stage,so come and join us in supporting them.

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