Radio Station licence renewed

By Shirley Ludford On Sunday 10th December 2017

We are delighted that OFCOM has granted the next five years broadcast licence to SWINDON 105.5 as from March 2018, in order to continue to provide and develop our regionally unique serive.

CCS Insight Hotline: Ofcom Assesses Spectrum Options to ...

During the past year, we have delivered a 24-hour a day service, programmes presented by local people of all ages and abilities, provided over 60 work placements, seen volunteers and trainees develop skills, gain paid employment or go on to further education.

We believe in strong relationships - and two-way benefit to businesses and community organisations with SWINDON 105.5.

During the year we saw the sad death of one of our Patrons, Lord Joel Joffe - and the appointment of a new Patron who will continue to represent Business and Community interests and lnks - local entrepreneur James Phipps.

We held our second "Community Celebration Day" in association with Zurich Community Trust - profiling a range of community groups and services; this has now become an annual event.

More details coming soon.....

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