Ryan is an amazing young man

By Shirley Ludford On Tuesday 6th June 2017

Station volunteer Ryan met one of the first people to arrive on scene and to save his life, following a car accident which saw his friend killed instantly and he himself in a coma for 6 weeks, eventually awaking to discover he had lost his sight and has short-term memory.  Through regular visits to SWINDON 105.5, Ryan has learnt to plan, record and edit material for broadcast... and to help others learn to edit recordings using special software.  He is part of two programme teams - and has loads of fun.  He is a real inspiration.

Ben - Head of Trauma at Bristol's Southmead Hospital, was delighted to see how Ryan had recovered and developed - and was full of priase for his achievements and the role the Station has played in helping him and so many other individuals.  

10 people received bravery awards for their part in the rescue from a burning car and subsequent support.

An Air Ambulance team played their part - demonstrating once again the incredible value of their service.

Ryan, blind volunteer and Doctor Ben  Ryan meets Doctor Ben


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