Swindon's Little Big Festival 2017

By Shirley Ludford On Tuesday 16th May 2017

It's Back - And Just As Brilliant As Ever!
The Little Big Festival

Loads of live music... in Swindon's Victoria Town Gardens, in the Old Town area of Swindon...

Live music performances throughout the summer months


A Great Variety Of Music For A Variety Of Tastes Throughout The Summer

8th   1pm-8pm  -  in The Bowl :  Choir Festival (free entry)
8th   7pm-10.30pm   -  at The Lawns : 60's Night and Hog Roast
9th   10.30am-11.115am - Wood Street :  Meet The Little Princess, Street Theatre, Ceroc Jive +
         11.00am 2017 Festival Parade
         12 noon-10.30pm Fun and festivities in The Lawns
9th    6.30pm  Choral Evensong at Christchurch

Tues 11th  8pm - Jazz at Baker Street, in Wood Street

Wed 12th - Conspiracy Theory Question Time at the Castle Pub

Wed 12th -  6pm-8.15pm : Church town tour and bell ringing at Christchurch + chance to play the
                                            church organ

Thurs 13th -  1-2pm : Paul Turner Recital (£5) at Christchurch

Fri 14th -    7pm-11pm : Commonweal 6th Form Auditorium - Fringe Drama Evening (£15)

Sat 15th  -  12 noon-10.30pm : Pop and Rock Bands through.... (free!)

Sun 16th  -  2pm-5pm : Accoustic singger'songwriter showcase, Bandstand, Town Gardens

Sun 16th  -  3pm :  Jazz with Chris Jones Trio  in the Plough Ale & Cider House, Devizes Road


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