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By Shirley Ludford On Tuesday 4th April 2017

Thamesdown Transport announces enhancements to bus services in and around Swindon 

Bus operator Thamesdown Transport is introducing enhancements and an improved timetable for services in and around Swindon. 

“Following feedback from customers about which changes they would like to see, we have a clear vision of our priorities in the region,” said Thamesdown Transport managing director Andrew Wickham. 

“We have listened carefully and are introducing two brand new services - Route 5 between Haydon Wick and Park North, and R1 between the town centre and Royal Wootton Bassett. We’re also making alterations to the timetables of our 1, 2, 13/14, 17 and 19 services.

“All of these changes are due to come into effect on Sunday 14 May.”

Summary of changes: 

1: Monday to Saturday daytime unchanged. In the evenings and on Sundays, the existing separately operated legs to Middleleaze and Great Western Hospital are combined into a single through service. On Sunday evenings, the hospital journeys are discontinued and replaced by journeys on routes 13A and 14A.

2: Monday to Saturday frequency will reduce from every 12 minutes to every 15 minutes. On Sundays, the service will be extended - from 9.05am-5.55pm to 8.15am-6.50pm.

5: New route between Haydon Wick and Park North every 7-8 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 30 minutes during the evening. On Sunday, the service will operate every 20 minutes. This route replaces the existing 13/14 service between Haydon Wick and the town centre, and runs at a higher frequency. 

13/14: This route is revised, to operate between the town centre and Liden/Eldene at existing frequencies. The section between the town centre and Haydon Wick will now be covered by the new route 5 at a higher frequency. On Sunday evenings, routes 13A and 14A begin earlier.

17: The route will now operate between Penhill and Park South via Walcot West at existing frequencies - every 7-8 minutes Monday to Saturday during the day, and every 30 minutes during the evening. On Sundays, the route will run every 20 minutes. 

19: The route between the town centre and Park South is replaced by route 17. We have revised the northern end of the route to operate anti-clockwise - from Sandacre Road via Peatmoor Way, Mead Way, Sparcells, Cowleaze and Swinley Drive, back to Sandacre Road. 

R1: This new route will run between the Bus Station and Royal Wootton Bassett every 15 minutes from Monday to Saturday, every 30 minutes on Sundays and hourly during the evenings. 

More detailed information about the service changes will appear on the firm’s website shortly at

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