SWINDON 105.5 was successful with a National Heritage Lottery Grant. The aim... to work with local groups, individuals and schools to produce programmes during 2013, based around buildings in the Swindon area, includes: 19 programmes and 20 short features on our local history and heritage.

Check out the following for details of each one.  Videos, audio, photos and testimonials to come.
Local History Day poster     Swindon Heritage Day
     SWINDON 105.5 at town's
     Central Library

National "Local History Day" celebrated in Swindon at the town's Central Library.
SWINDON 105.5 was there too... talking with groups about our Heritage Building project and broadcasting live.  Hear a short piece from Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre by going to our PODCAST page.    Other Local History groups will work on programmes as a result of the day.

Buildings being focused on:-

1.    The Milton Road Baths by Swindon Heritage Group
Built in 1891, the Milton Road Baths building opened the following year - and soon became the hub of the Medical Fund activities.  It was converted into a hospital during both world wars, along with other Medical Fund initiatives, and was absorbed into the National Health Service.  
Graham Cater. Swindon Heritage Milton Road Baths  Mark Sutton at Milton Road Baths

2.    Richard Jefferies House : our Rhythm and Rhyme team
The home of writer Richard Jefferies, next to the waterpark, Coate Water, on the east side of Swindon
ichard Jefferies House and Museum   Sam Loveless sitting at Richard Jefferies writing desk  

3.    The Platform :
Formerly the home of the Swindon Railway Museum.  The museum moved to its current site at the old Great Western Railway site and near the National Trust HQ and NMRC.  It is now the home of Swindon Music Service.
The Platform. Former Railway Museum

4.    McIlroys building then and now :  Ray Bewes
Ray Bewes  McIlroys, the original building  McIlroys, new building

5.    Swindon's Radnor Street Chapel and Cemetery : Dave Woods and Mark Sutton
   Dave Woods   
Heritage Programming
Radnor St Cemetary
25/05/13 at 14:00

411 days left to listen
Radnor Street Chapel and Cemetery in the older part of Swindon was created in the 1890's - and is also a tribute to those who fought and fell during past international conflicts.

6.    The Renault Building, West Swindon : Adrian and son Jack, Highworth
Designed by a world-renowned architect, this met a radically innovative brief. It produced a
large, yellow roof that meant the building has no signage - the roof is sufficient to identify it.
This building gained Heritage status in September 2013.
Renault Building. West Swindon

7   Christchurch : Lisa Kennet
Known as the Old Lady On The Hill, this church is an iconic and well-loved building in Swindon
">Christchurch, Old Town, Swindon

8.    The Beehive pub : Saturday Adults training group
One of the town's older, traditional public houses - and a venue for a range of artists in the area between New and Old Town in Swindon.
Beehive Pub, Old Town, Swindon

9.  The new Century Club, Gorsehill : Marilyn and Danny
One of the town's oldest working men's clubs - and still a very lively part of the community

10.  Swindon's Roundabout-plays: young people from Swindon and Bristol

11 and 12.  Lydiard House: Tregoze Primary School
 Members of Lydiard School team  Lydiard House

13.  Even Swindon Old School: Rodbourne History Group
This old school which has memories for some many local people is due to be demolished and the site built on in the near future.  The team are capturing stories whilst it is still standing.
Rodbourne History Group reps  Even Swindon School

14.   St Margaret's Church Nigel and Anne,Stratton Parish Council members
Taking a step back in time as well as talking with local people with specific memories of the building and its importance to the people of the Parish
   Anne and Nigel, Stratton Parish Councillors  St Margarets Church, Stratton Parish, Swindon

15.   Drove School:  Drove Schoolchildren
Nine and ten year old students are researching the school they attend, developing production and interview skills as well as the sense of place and understanding of the heritage of the building and its significance in the town.
members of the Drove project team Drove School, near Swindon's Mazgic Roundabout 

Drove teacher and pupil discovering material

16.   Heritage Day:  at Swindon's Central Library

17.   Road Trip to Swindon Buildings:  Ray Bewes
Ray starts in Rodbourne and walks though Swindon up to Christchurch in Old Town, meeting local people and sharing memories about buildings and the significance they hold or held.
Ray Bewes sets off   Even Swindon School. Swindon
see Podcasts for the one-hour programme

18.   Avebury Manor: by Vic Benson
The Manor has ecclesiastical roots, and parts of the building date from the 12th century Benedictine Priory, which was nearby. The main building was built in the 16th century by William Durch, the current south front of the house being dated to 1602.  
  Vic Benson  Avebury Manor  Vic produces his programme
Hear a 2 1/2-minute Podcast :  
Heritage Programmes
Local Heritage Programming
11/07/13 at 14:00

46 days left to listen
Avebury Manor is the focus of this documentary by Vic Benson. Enjoy this short clip from the story of this locally unique National Trust property based near the Avebury Stones.

19. Swindon's Steam Museum -originally The Engine Shed: by our Saturday Kids Club, Laura Cousins and our mixed-ability Tuesday Group
Swindon's STEAM Museum  Luca and Andy with Mr Brunel at STEAM Steam Museum
Swindon ex Railwayman

Cameo Profiles on Swindon buildings and places of history and interest : by Ian Pugh
 Ian Pugh, recoding 20 profiles
Roundabout Swindon
Ian Pugh
Feel good Friday. Local stuff and delving into the radio archives for those quirky moments!
23/05/13 at 09:00

580 days left to listen
This week Ian talks about the standardization of train parts, and how it helped GWR.

Roundabout Swindon
Ian Pugh
Thursdays and Fridays. Lively music, local,topical subjects and quirky stuff!
30/05/13 at 09:00

563 days left to listen
Ian talks about various speed records and Swindon's part in them.

Roundabout Swindon
Ian Pugh
Thursdays and Fridays. Lively music, local,topical subjects and quirky stuff!
22/05/13 at 13:00

579 days left to listen
Ian talks about the historical importance of beer.

Odd Info on Swindon

Ermin Way
25/04/13 at 09:08

8831 days left to listen
Ian talks about our most historical bypass and its role in our relationship with the Roman Empire.
  Ermin Way

Roundabout Swindon
Ian Pugh
Thursdays and Fridays. Lively music, local,topical subjects and quirky stuff!
11/04/13 at 09:00

-15 days left to listen
Short Swindon history piece from 11/04/13's show about the Mechanics Institute

Heritage Programming
Ian Pugh
Heritage Profile on The Lawns, Swindon
10/07/13 at 09:30

411 days left to listen
Ian takes a short delve into the history of the Lawns, which spreads from off Marlbrough Road to Old Town and incorporates a large open park area popular with organisers of festivals.