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Friday 29th September - members of Swindon Wildcats take over the air!! Listen to find out more!
Post by Shirley Ludford on Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 09:47:44
Hear from a fun Britains Got Talent semi finalst -and more!
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This week meet the new Manager at Thamesdown Transport - what changes afoot? and new rep of Swindon Speedway.
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This week with MP Robert Buckland... and Pride Of Swindon presentations...
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This Friday hear from school children on the subject of Ghana and Swindon's first Ghana Independence Day celebrations, as well as a request "Don't Dress For Dinner".
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Chatting with comedian Carl Donnelly today ahead of his forthcoming visit to Swindon's Wyvern Theatre. Lovely chap!
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with Italian Chef Antonio Carluccio... fun interview with a lovely man, at his new restaurant at the Designer Outlet Centre
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Studio Guest: Film Director and Photographer Harry Hook "Lord Of The Flies", "All For Love", "Joanna Lumley and Final Chance to Save Orangutans", "Kipling - documentary" and loads more..... LIVE, FRIDAY 18TH NOVEMBER
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This week BLOFELD and BAXTER preview their visit to Swindon's Arts Centre! Great fun - outrageous stories from two sporting professionals!
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This week supporting a campaign to support PSA tests for men... prevention and early detection of prostate cancer... hear Martin's story - and check the petition link on the home page of this website...
Post by Jacqueline Darby on Friday 26th August 2016 at 08:49:11
I loved your show. It came over loud and clear all the way to The Sultanate of Oman. Is it possible to get it as a Podcast? And can you please invite Damien back again so we can hear his beautiful playing another time. :)
Post by Shirley Ludford on Thursday 28th July 2016 at 09:52:04
Hear Alex Dixon talk about how her breast cancer encouraged her to write childrens' stories and get sensitive messages across to children through such as Mummy Owl!
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Thanks to Eastcott Studios: arts, crafts, pottery, Caribbean restaurant... SPONSORS of KALEIDESCOPE
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Friday 27th is co-presented by listener from Aldbourne who bid to do this to support the Swindon Sea Cadets charity! Good luck Christina.
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Friday 20th May - live from TWIGS as part of National Mental Health Awareness Week. With live music and guests.
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Eater Friday and Sunday... in conversation with TC Script Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer (Vicar of Dibley, Mrs Brown's Boys, and more...) and Dave Logan - both Parkinsons sufferers.
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Friday 26th includes chat with Boyzone's Shane Lynch - who I've just asked to become a Patron of SWINDON 105.5!
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This week, hear from the Development Director of Wilts & Swindon Community Foundation... a great help to many organisations with funding. You can also support them!
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This Week: Professional Singer/Dancer/Theatre School Owner JONATHON WILKES and Professional Lady Boxer KELLY MORGAN are my guests
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This week, hear from Gareth Gates ahead of his performance at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre
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Recent guests include: Miss Africa UK.. Police Officers supporting Pride.. Phil who is terminal with cancer and taking on a special bike ride.. Graffiti Artists at a community Haven project..
Post by Shirley Ludford on Thursday 30th July 2015 at 05:47:25
During June and July programmes included students on work placement at SWINDON 105.5.
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Wednesday 12th February, 9am, hear from John Cullm (father of Jamie) and a representative of the Royal United Hospital "Forever Frends" appeal - plus business entrepreneur James Phipps of Excalibur.
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Talented Jahmene Douglas. First met in 2010 whilst compering a Black music talent competition in Swindon... and what an impression he left. Great and dedicated young performer.
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Supporting the various agencies across the region helping homeless people especially at this time of year - and collecting blankets, sleeping bags, pillows. You can bring donations to SWINDON 105.5
Post by Shirley Ludford on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 13:57:29
Listen to the live launch of Arkells special beer in support of the 2014 Poppy Appeal in Swindon this week.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Wednesday 10th September 2014 at 05:33:46
Coming soon... a chat with Magician Paul Daniels... meeting a local comedian... and more! Keep listening!
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This week, Comedian Mark Thomas and Station Patron Lord Joel Joffe are our special guests. Lord Joffe on his way back to Swindon after attending the Remembrance Service for the late Nelson Mandella.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Sunday 2nd February 2014 at 11:33:21
Colin updates us on library events and joins us in having hands henna'd by Nicola who has turned her life around from being homeless to launching her own Swindon business in henna and tattoos.
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This week, hear from the Bean family... a whole family of singers who are staging their own concert at the Arts Centre in February....
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Sundays from mid November are presented with Liz Brackenbury and features a range of guests - with lively conversation
Post by Shirley Ludford on Wednesday 18th September 2013 at 16:07:30
This Sunday... Chatting with Angus MacPherson, Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner
Post by Shirley Ludford on Tuesday 27th August 2013 at 22:59:10
Mayoress and Mayoress of Swindon, Cllr and Mrs Martin - guests 25th August... great supporters of organisations working with young people and of the Women's Refuge.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Monday 10th June 2013 at 23:58:14
Sunday 15th: Swindon's Brian Barber tells of his amazing travels and work setting up radio links in war-torn areas and difficult lands around the world. Part One.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Saturday 8th June 2013 at 22:59:22
Sunday 8th June: hear from Lord Joel Joffe, a patron of SWINDON 105.5 and who was a barrister in the team representing Nelson Mandella in South Africa.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Saturday 6th April 2013 at 17:49:07
Sunday 7th April... reminisce with my progamme with the late, talented, fun, John Junkin.
Post by Shirley Ludford on Saturday 9th February 2013 at 22:09:28
Sunday 10th February. Indu Sharma talks of Asian Arts and international performers coming to Swindon. Launch of our project with young offenders.
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This Sunday, meet Daphne Brakespeare, Awarded in the 2013 New Year's Honours List for services to local drama.
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Sunday 9th December programme features Jahmene in Swindon, hearing from his mother and the gospel choir his sang with and helped traing, as well as highlights of Minister Ed Vaizey's visit to SWINDON 105.5 this week.
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About the show

Shirley's Profile... 2 years: Plessey Training School.  3 years: Burmah oil at the same time as a volunteer teaching English to Polish ladies. 1 year: Corsica, then Shirley fell into broadcasting, by taking a challenge!

Shirley started her broadcasting life with Swindon Viewpoint (cable TV) after a year living in Corsica teaching English and living the Corsican life.  Took a challenge to present a sound-only programme - and was off on a broadcasting career.  

She helped start the Swindon Talking Newspaper for blind people - in the attic of her family home then helped establish a permanent home in Victoria Road where it still thrives today.

Next GWR (started life as Wiltshire radio, now Heart) when she became the first employee of this first radio service for Wiltshire.  PA to the MD; Helping to start the annual Christmas Appeal, presenting a programme for blind listeners, running challenges to help people realise their ambitions and moving on to working in the Marketing and Promotions Department.

The BBC called and offered her the chance to work on research and production when they opened in Swindon.   This led to Presentation and Production of a wide range of programmes and what became a passion... outside broadcasts.  She also co-ordinated the Children In Need Appeal for 6 years.

After almost 13 years she left and worked in freelance PR, taught radio Production at New College.  She worked as Marketing Officer with Swindon's National Dance Agency, staying with them for 5 years, whilst also being asked to help trial a community radio service. 

Shirley wrote the successful application document for SWINDON 105.5.  A daily totally local service launched on 15th March 2008 where she has since been Manager and Trainer as well as chief fundraiser, working with a dedicated team.  Currently:-

Board Member: SWINDON 105.5
Patron:  Commonweal School
Patron: Dorcan Performing Arts
Patron: Swindon Male Voice Choir
Pride Of Swindon Award


Received High Sheriff's Award for services to the local community 

Coming up


Shirley with Jimmy Greaves

THIS WEEK:  Tony Kilburn and some of the young members of the Swindon Gang Show 2012. History and fun peppered with music.

"Shirley Meets..."  Individuals with stories to tell... or capturing local life through features and interviews.  Music is chosen by the guests.


Previously on the show

2012 GUESTS and FEATURES - highlights

Swindon Half Marathon: and some of the participants representing SWINDON 105.5
Brotherhood of Man!  and the cast of Jamaica 50... all in one programme.
Brandon Smith - one of our latest Presenters.  An AUstralian who work in film, presents Friday afternoons.  BAFTA connections and more.


16th: Jo: Travel is her passion! Works with Swindon College, a key supporter of a project supporting education for children in the Gambia, a keen motorcyclist, Swindon Street Pastor....

2nd: Lookback at 4 1/2 years of broadcasting and forward to our imminent development

Josie And The Outlaw - brilliant 50's band, as they prepared to take part in Swindon's End Of Olympics 2012 Music Bandstand,  one of 500 across the country.

JULY included
Keith Chegwin
and cast from 2012 Wyvern Theatre panto launch.
Nathan, young Welsh food-artist who appeared on Britain's Got Talent 2012 and brought exhibition to Swindon for one night - we were the only media to be there.

JUNE included
*Producers of "Mr Wiggles"; a film tackling child abuse.  Meeting three local people each with their arty and personal experiences to share.

*ex Councillor/Mayor, Derek Befield.  Active in many local organisations - looked back on many years of serving the community, meeting the Queen, life as a Councillor, giving talks and has many anecdotes!

Alan Fletcher.  Chairman of Guide dogs in Swindon. Registered blind.  Led an active and full life.

Music composer for film and television, works from Shepperton Film Studios.

Some of the team behind "Swindon The Opera", a major lottery-funded project on Swindon's historywhich takes to the stage at STEAM in May 2012.

Martin Vandervelt,
a Jew who was evacuated to Swindon as a child, developed a tailor's business in Old Town, became a dedicated cyclist and raised over £100,000 for the Prospect Hospice.

Miss Swindon and Miss Wiltshire.

singer/songwriter: Charlie Landsborough.  Wiltshire Business In The Community Awards (SWINDON 105.5 has been shortlisted).
The story of Alfred Williams "Hammerman Poet" is told in words and music with Graham Carter leading towards their production at the Phoenix Theatre, New College in March

Gavin Jones, Chief Executive of Swindon Borough Council talks about life, music, key issues as a Local Authority Chief Executive.

Wroughton community garden and park area project.

Police Officer awarded for special service to the Serious Crime Squad and a series of rapes in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire

Holocaust Memorial Day

Highlights of 2011 Guests:

MP for Swindon South Robert Buckland  and Swindon's Council Leader Rod Bluh - looking back and looking forward....

Community Safety Partnership Day:  Swindon's Christmas Keep Safe Campaign... with a host of local Organisations.  Recorded as-live in the town centre.

A hundred years of bell ringing in Swindon celebrated with a 3-hour non-stop peel.  I joined 3 of the team at rehearsals.... and learnt a lot whilst at St Mary's Church in Rodbourne.

Greg and Jo Dunningham. Ran the great Classic Car Show at Wroughton Airfield amongs other events...  Greg started a Santa School.  They met on the internet and both work with young people with individual special needs.  In the process of converting a traditional Swindon pub into a youth support venue.

Simon May,  proflific composer of music for TV and bigh screen, international performers and stage.  This year Simon became the second Patron for SWINDON 105.5.

Black History Month introduction.

John Winterflood leader of award-winning Brunel Brass.   Niki Eans (X Factor finalist) touring in Blood Brothers and preview Simon May in town.

Richard, new Marketing Manager, Swindon's Wyvern Theatre.  Appeared in first gay play in Cheltenham...  has written several short productions.

SEPTEMBER included:
2 local men who separately faced personal odds and disabilities and kyak'd the Thames for different local charities.

Actress Louise Jameson (Dr Who, Bergerac, Tenko, Eastenders, Doctors, acclaimed Shakespearean work.....).  Recorded at the Swindon Arts Centre live on stage in conversation with Shirley and the audience.

AUGUST included: 
Classical pianist Paul Turner

Rachael Illsley
- music, community support, playing live in the studio.  Return a year after their first visit to the station.  Rachel has recently been united with a sister she never knew she had - and a family to go with this discovery.

Swindon Gynaecologist, John Cullimore, born in Liverpool.  Nicknamed "Swindon's Singing Surgeon" by me a few years ago when we devised an initiative to get him performing and get his CDs sold, identifying a piece of kit that would help the Mother and Baby Unit that could be bought with the proceeds.

Local pianist Ian James talked from his bed at the Prospect Hospice where he was terminally ill with cancer.  A man and his music.  Sadly Ian died a week after this recording and 3 days before a special tribute cabaret arranged in his name in aid of the Prospect Hospice.

JULY included
Craig Pruess.  Twice nominated BAFTA music composer.  Composed and recorded TV programme themes.  Worked with several international singers.  Internationally renowned.  

Emma Faramazi.  Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.  Marketing Director, Emnico.  Supporter of Swindon Carers Centre.  Newly elected as a Swindon Councillor.

.   A South African in Swindon.  He played and gang live in the studio.   He hung up his guitar for 19 years, but dusted it down to busk! 

Nick Fogg, founder of Marlborogh International Jazz Festival

Toothill Community Event + Swindon's 1st Walking Festival
Fire Chief John Popowicz talked of his life and experiences

Dr David Barnado, great newphew of the founder of Barnados homes... he visits Brookfield School as part of a SWINDON 105.5 schools project - and is quizzed by a class of young people.

Words and comic poetry from the late High Sheriff of Wiltshire, David Margesson, who died this month.   And MEP Graham Watson visiting SWINDON 105.5

Alan Fletcher - ex HSBC Bank Manager.  First Chairman of SWINDON 105.5,  Chairman of the Green Hut (for homeless people), Trustee of NSPCC and Prospect Hospice, Community Foundation, Rotarian, Chairman Swindon Music Co-Operative and Swindon's Pegasus Brass.

Andy Watts
, guitarist and founder of Amber Studios in Stratton - recording and training facilities with special support for people with disabilities.

Dave Kelly of the Blues Band....  Janet, Chair of Swindon's Music Co-Operative.... and  David Wreathall, Founder of Inner Flame who work with and inspire young people.

Martin Turnbull  
hails from Newcastle, worked with Sport in various ways.  Moved to Swindon and had a "culture shock".  Developed IT skills and combined his two passions to become Director of the Swindon Study Centre, based at Swindon Town FC.  After 13 years of achievements with local schools in particular, it is due to close end February 2011.

Linda Worth  Loves loves singing, won three Festival Awards, has produced and directed numerous musical productions, directed the Lottery Funded production of Alfred Williams The Hammerman Poet at Swindon's STEAM MUSEUM.  

2010 guest list included...

Derek Aldridge, Director, Swindon's Wyvern Theatre.   Derek Aldridge, General Manager of Swindon's Wyvern Theatre talks of his background, the affect of a family death, his passion for the Arts and plays his choice of music


Mother and son who work together helping others. She had an illness.  He became her carer.  They formed the Swindon Therapy Centre and now help and support hundreds of local people.


Helen Miah, Head of Cultural Services, Swindon Borough Council.                 

 Rachel Ilsley's adoptive mother died in 2010 and Rachel staged a       fundraising Country Night in her memory,  to support organisations who help young people.   She plays flute and her husband is a guitarist.  In the programme they talked together, played a couple of pieces live... and presented £300 to the station.

Melina Waters.  A lady with a passion for film, music, capturing people-stories - and more...

Sonny Hamid -
travelled the world, worked in international engineering, involved in the Swindon Mela and with many local organisations.

, Malaysian descent.  In her late 20's, handles a whole range of PR, inlcuding The Burj, an Indian restaurant based in a traditional old English pub in Wanborough - the Shepherds' Rest - and supports local charitable concerns through her work.  

Nicholas McCarthy 
 age 21.  Worlds only professional one-handed, left-handed classical pianist, who launches his first CD and who'll be making a guest appearance as a special guest in the SWINDON TALENT finanals Concert at the Wyvern Theatre on 8th August.

Rachael Illsley.  From foster care, to a lady of music and a passion for supporting local initiatives.  She was preparing for a musical charity event in September.  In addition to Rachael's music choice, she played a number live, as an accomplished flautist...

Rob Elliott, Musical Director, Wessex Male Choir.
  A Welshman in Wootton Bassett, with a passion for music.  Rob has taken the men to success at the international Llangollen Festival, to concerts across the region, supporting charitable causes and hosting their own annual international concerts each July.

Ash Madni and Mike Locke
                     Ash - a passion for composing music and for Royalty.  Ash has achieved his desire to record his music professionally and hear it played by a Big Band.  
                     Mike Locke, well respected trumpet player of many year's standing, and heads three local Bands.  He is working on one of Ash's pieces for a performance this summer.      Hear the story of these two men and their linked passion for music and live performances.

Dave James - musician, singer, songwriter.  Dave started Redbrick Studios at Swindon's Town Hall (one of the first recording studios in Swindon), ran first pub in West Swindon.
Cllr David Wren  outgoing Mayor of Swindon talked of his year in office.


Ted and and Ivy Pool - award-winning Folk enthusiasts. Moved from London to Swindon in 1940
Tony Huzzy - Peckham lad, moved to London.  Talked about life as a diabetic, dance halls, working in The Railways, working with the Labour party 

Steven Maull  young singer/songwriter, who Came Out a few years ago, gained confidence, performed at several Pride festivals and has brought out new songs for 2010 (which we think are pretty good - and play them on SWINDON 105.5)

A local man
tells of experiencing a kydney transplant and how the whole story changed his life.

Mikki - a writer extraordinnaire from Malmesbury, with many intreaguing stories and experiences!

3 local ladies, who love fun, fundraise for Breast Cancer, and love life! 
(Amanda, one of the ladies, since joined our weekly Girls About Town programme)

Bob, Swindon's own Elvis!, who has taken on marathon events to raise money for charities, is part of a local amateur drama association and who took part in SWINDON TALENT '09, reaching the finals at Swindon's Arts Centre.. great fun.

John Ball alias also Julie (John's alter-ego).  John talked openly about the two personas in one body.  Their individual fashion sense and how his dual-personality affects his life and work.   He's also passionate about gardening and protection of our natural wildflowers and countryside.

Mike Buss
Medically discharged from the Army after a bomb explosion.  Had a difficult life, lived rough,
decided to get his life back on track... decided to do his bit to help others injured in the line of duty and set himself a £million target for Help For Heros through world record attempts - breaking records and setting new ones! 

Previous guests...
Neil Patterson
Neil took a lead role in Eurodisney's Lion King and is an accomplished singer, songwriter,
dancer, actor, poet, guitarist.  As a black person, he is intreagued bu white English traditions and rituals and is working during 2010 on special features.  Hear more on SWINDON 105.5.

Caroline Marsh
Caroline comes from Zambia.  She realised her dream to become an air hostess and was able to support her family after her father died.  She met her Husband To Be through the closure of the airline and move to Swindon.  She went on to be come a Channel 4 "Secret Millionaire" and now loves to support and inspire others.

Eddie Neilson
Ex professional boxer.  Fought Henry Cooper and Mike Tyeson.   Now has a training cntre at his home just outside Swindon - and runs Blackwells at Purton. 

Mayors of Swindon, including:   Cllr David Glaholm.   Cllr Barnes (2007-9).   Cllr Steve Wakefield (2008-9) ex police officer, fanatical and knowledgable about railways.   Cllr David Wren (2009-2010)

People who settled in Swindon coming from countries including Mauritius to America, India to Caribbean

Craig Pruess:  music composer for film, TV, recording artists - including Cliff Richard's Millenium Prayer, films like "Bend It Like Beckham"... Royal TV Award for Music 2009... check out his website... it's impressive!

Sheila Harrod:  Founder of the highly impressive Kentwood Choir, with a long-standing reputation and many thousands of pounds raised for charitable concerns.

John Winterflood:  military bands in the Army, Director of Pegasus Brass, latterly founder of Brunel Brass who in the winter of 2009 performed at Aardman studios in Bristol for an anniversary TV programme.

David Margesson JP, MBE, ex High Sherrif of Wiltshire: family farms just outside Swindon; loves poetry.  Music taste: on the classical side...

Peter Struve: 5 generations of astronomers and advisers to Government including the Kremlin and American governments.

Town Crier of Swindn, Fred Ferris
Proud to promote his home town in Swindon and across the country.