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Our show this week (12th and 13th January 2015) previews the year ahead. Who has a book released in 2015? Who is celebrating a major anniversary in the literary world? Will Lisa be let off the hook? Features an extract from Moby Dick and a poem from William Butler Yeates, plus music from George Harrison and the Scorpions.

About the show

Rhythm and Rhyme is our varied literature programming on SWINDON 105.5.   Sundays 5pm (listen again Mondays 2-3pm) and Thursdays 2-3pm.

Programmes bring together a variety of content, from revealing the literary heritage of Wiltshire's past to interviewing authors from Wiltshire's present, chats and discussions with writers and readers groups, listening to the animated voices of Wiltshire's talented poets and authors and promoting the array of literary groups and events in the Swindon area.


We support local authors and poets and provide the opportunity for them to get their voices heard, whether you’re a local writer just starting out, or a popular writer with published work you will be welcome on Rhythm and Rhyme. 

At Rhythm and Rhyme we like to nurture new talent by promoting writing competitions and such as those featured in Graffiti magazine and Pulsar webzine, as well as the wider national events such as the Six Book Challenge.

If you would like to hear or perform your work, promote an event, a writing or reading group, don't hesitate to get in touch! 
e-mail and head your e-mail "Rhythm and Rhyme".


Coming up

Thursday 31st :
A preview of 2015 as a year in literature, an ambitious show entirely in third person narrative and a six-part series concerning poetic forms and musical genres.








Previously on the show

To date, guests have included such authors as Lindsey Davis, Helen Rappaport, Eileen Browne, Jon Stock, Margaret Armand Smith and Katie Fforde. In addition a number of talented local poets, artists, schools and more...

Poets from the Swindon based writers group BlueGate Poets, Footsteps, Life Writing Group and Lower Shaw Farm Writers’ Café.....  Themed progra
mmes have been dedicated to the subjects of food, romantic literature, children’s books, Halloween, revolution, war, heroes and heroines and Christmas.


We have promoted and attended many other local events such as Swindon, Wootton Bassett, Highworth and Bath Festivals of  Literature.

We like to get out and about and have visited Swindon library reading groups and recorded their debates.    We feature the Swindon Ten Youth Festival of Literature, and pupils of Nova Hreod read ‘The Fastest Story in the West’...  the result of a creative speed writing activity that includes 11 secondary schools in Swindon having only 45 minutes to write their own paragraph before whizzing it over to a neighbouring school to continue the story, until its outcome.


In 2009 the Rhythm and Rhyme team organised a Big Book Swap at Lawn Community Centre. Local people were invited to bring a selection of brilliant books swap them for a small donation to the station. The event was for all ages from children to adults and saw a huge variety of books changing hands. We were entertained by readings from Bluegate Poets and a performance by Moonsongs, along with a few extra impromptu readings from other great local poets.

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