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Queens Award for Voluntary Service
A measure of change to alllow community radio stations like
SWINDON 105.5 to help themselves more commercially.
FULL INTERVIEW:  http://youtu.be/uXYpnlRv8tc
He says Community Radio is "Passion.  Opportunities.  
Providing A Voice".   "SWINDON 105.5 IS Swindon"
All community radio stations to be allowed on-air commercial activity of up to £15,000 a year.  SWINDON 105.5 has been allowed NO on air commercial activity, along with 18 others until the changes in April.
Minister Ed Vaizey visited SWINDON 105.5 for a couple of hours in December 2012.  Following a long campaign by community radio stations, including SWINDON 105.5 whose Station Manager was invited to the House of Commons last summer to make a short presentation on the need for
some commercial freedom, some change has been announced.  Read more in LATEST.
Minister Ed Vaizey at SWINDON 105.5              ex Serviceman and Help For Heroes
 Minister Ed Vaizey at SWINDON 105.5                 Help For Heroes seeking your help (read LATEST)
 OUR GIFT-AIDED CHALLENGE: Special day Wednesday 28th January
To raise funds to help us continue our service during 2015.
SWINDON 105.5 costs £100 a day to run.
 to become a Friend...  Call for more details.  Thank you.
Message from the station manager
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